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Loup City, Neb. -- Nebraska Pheasants Forever (PF) recently announced the completion of a conservation milestone, the establishment, enhancement, and maintenance of one million acres of habitat in Nebraska.

The habitat work has included projects such as food plot plantings, nesting cover establishments, tree plantings, and land acquisitions. The one million acre mark was set at the Sherman Reservoir Wildlife Management Area where PF volunteers, equipped with 12 tractors and disks, worked to improve the habitat on nearly 350 acres of public land in a single day last spring.

"Pheasants Forever has been a great partner for wildlife in the state and demonstrates how a group of dedicated men and women can make a big difference,” said Representative Tom Osborne during a recent tour of central Nebraska pheasant habitat to call attention to pheasants, pheasant hunting and the economic significance of pheasants in the state. ”By focusing their efforts and talents on creating more quality wildlife habitat projects, all of Nebraska has benefitted."

Rex Amack, director of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), said “The Game and Parks Commission is proud to be continuing our many successful partnerships with Pheasants Forever as we move forward with our Focus on Pheasants program. In fact, there are already plans for more habitat work at Sherman Reservoir next spring.”

In recognition of the statewide efforts of PF and its 59 local chapters, NGPC presented PF with its “Citation of Achievement” award.

“This award is presented to Pheasants Forever for its outstanding contributions to Nebraskas wildlife resources, its tireless dedication to improving habitat and its leadership in the conservation field”, Amack said. This is the highest conservation achievement award the Commission bestows and was presented to Berthelsen, on behalf of Nebraskas PF chapters.

“The habitat accomplishments reached here in Nebraska are a standard for all of the other Pheasants Forever chapters in the nation”, announced Richard Young, PF Vice President of Field Operations. “The one million acre habitat milestone and the Citation of Achievement presented today are both honors and achievements that represent what Pheasants Forever is all about…..creating habitat success stories one acre at a time.”

The Elkhorn Valley Chapter in Madison, Stanton, and Pierce Counties was Nebraskas first chapter. It was established on March 4, 1986. That following spring, PF improved 2,857 acres in Nebraska.

From those humble beginnings, Nebraska PF has grown to 59 chapters and a habitat juggernaut that accomplished 237,750 acres of habitat improvements in 2003, the biggest year to date. Also during that time, Nebraska chapters participated in five land acquisitions totaling 1,556 acres.

Those five locations are now open to public hunting and other outdoor recreation. However, the whopping majority—894,365, of the million acres—have been improved for nesting cover with private landowners throughout the state. A lack of quality nesting and brood-rearing cover is the number one limiting factor for pheasants in Nebraska.

“Pheasants Forever is thrilled to reach the one million acre milestone, reaching this achievement and recognition just the raises the bar for our habitat goals even higher,” added Berthelsen. “It showcases the dedicated volunteers we have and the relationship we have with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Really, without the partnership programs weve developed with the Commission, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Districts, and others, we couldnt have reached the one million acre mark”, added Berthelsen. “I want to personally thank all PF volunteers for their time, sweat, donations, and dedication. Without them, these accomplishments wouldnt have been possible.”

For more information about PF, contact them at 308-754-5339 or




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