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Lieutenant Governor, DEQ Director Announce Formation of the Michigan Clean Water Corps

September 30, 2003

LANSING – While they demonstrated how to conduct a simple test on a sample of water from the Grand River in downtown Lansing, Lt. Governor John D. Cherry and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Steven Chester today announced the formation of the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MCWC).

The MCWC, as created by an Executive Order signed this morning by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, will serve as an advisory body within the DEQ and will be comprised of statewide volunteer networks to assist in water monitoring and testing programs. Director Chester, or his designee, will serve as chair of the MCWC, and the DEQ will help solicit and organize volunteers around the state to participate in water quality monitoring activities.

Announcement of the formation of the MCWC comes during Water Monitoring Month which was declared September 18 through October 18 by Governor Granholm. Water Monitoring Month is in official recognition of the 31st anniversary of the federal Clean Water Act.

“Michigan’s water is not only one of our most prominent attributes, it is undoubtedly among the state’s most valuable resources,” said Cherry. “Compared to the rest of the nation, our lakes and streams have been maintained well and are of exceptional quality. It is within the state’s best interest to enable the citizens to keep the water clean and beautiful for many future generations to enjoy, and that will be the primary mission of the Clean Water Corps.”

The MCWC will assist the DEQ in gathering and exchanging reliable and meaningful water quality data for water resources management and protection programs at the state and local level. Building upon the existing volunteer water monitoring programs already established by the DEQ, the MCWC will work to advise and aid in educating Michigan citizens about water quality issues and promote the need for citizens to play an active role in protecting the state’s water resources.

Cherry and Chester also demonstrated water testing kits that will be made available to the network of volunteer organizations on National Water Quality Monitoring Day on October 18 to help monitor water quality in Michigan’s lakes, rivers and streams.

For further information, please visit  for the full Executive Order concerning the creation of the MCWC.




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