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Urban Fishing Bulletin: Trout catching tips part 2

Trout Catching Tips – Part 2 Worm Fishing In the last Bulletin we offered tips to catch more trout using scented dough baits, such as Power Bait. For all trout fishing, remember to use a light to medium-light action rod combo with lighter line from 2-6 pounds. In part 2,…

Urban Fishing Bulletin: Trout catching tips part 1

Everybody can fish, but not everybody can catch fish. Why is it that some anglers seem to always have luck and others just drown worms? Often, the difference is in the equipment, the bait, and the way the bait is rigged and presented. For trout, the best equipment is a…

Tog Fishing – The Basics

Tautog fishing is at its best in the fall. Commonly called “tog”, tautog is one of the most challenging species to pursue while fishing over New Jersey’s Artificial Reefs. This fall the posession limit increases to six fish a day on November 16 (it is a one fish limit at…