Favorable Forecast for 2017 Shrimp Season in South Carolina
2017 Trout Fishing Opportunities Await Anglers at State’s Castalia Fish Hatchery
Wildlife Commission Deploys Fish Attractors in Sutton Lake, N.C.

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Iowa Midwinter Ice Fishing

Written by Joe Wilkinson It wasn’t hard to see why Dave Wilson plunked his ice tent down, just around the corner from Lake Macbride’s main boat ramp. Around him, the ice was pock-marked with refrozen holes, drilled by ice anglers in the days before. Still, in 15 feet of water,…

“Fizzical” Research to Answer Questions About Deep-Caught Bass

ATHENS, Texas-Most anglers probably know that many fish caught from deep water can suffer from an over-inflated swim bladder, a condition called hyperbuoyancy. The air bladder inside the fish that inflates and deflates to give the fish neutral buoyancy can expand suddenly when a fish is brought to the surface…

Crabbers Asked NOT to Set Crab Pots in Kachemak Bay, Alaska August 15-29

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in cooperation with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G), will be conducting a sonar survey to provide detailed bottom and habitat mapping of Kachemak Bay. Two NOAA vessels and launches will be conducting the research. The Department of Fish and Game…