Favorable Forecast for 2017 Shrimp Season in South Carolina
2017 Trout Fishing Opportunities Await Anglers at State’s Castalia Fish Hatchery
Wildlife Commission Deploys Fish Attractors in Sutton Lake, N.C.

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Formerly Captive Deer, Elk Pose Health Risk to Wild Deer in Iowa

DES MOINES – Iowa wildlife officials have been tracking elk in and around the Yellow River State Forest that are likely escapees from a captive herd in Allamakee County. One elk was killed by state conservation officers last week, but at least four remain at large, which gives state officials…

Wildlife Officials to Test Hunter-Harvested Ducks for Avian Influenza

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services biologists will collect samples from hunter-harvested ducks to test for highly pathogenic avian influenza – H5N1. Sampling will occur at various times during the migratory game bird hunting season at several duck-hunting hot spots throughout…