Favorable Forecast for 2017 Shrimp Season in South Carolina
2017 Trout Fishing Opportunities Await Anglers at State’s Castalia Fish Hatchery
Wildlife Commission Deploys Fish Attractors in Sutton Lake, N.C.

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Little Camas Reservoir Opens to Fish Salvage

The Little Camas Reservoir in Elmore County will be dry or nearly dry by late summer, and fish in the reservoir will have a high likelihood of dying as water levels drop. For these reasons, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game opened the reservoir to salvage of fish. “We…

Fishing Bag Limits, Tackle Restrictions Lifted on Santa Fe River

SANTA FE — Beginning Thursday, June 5, anglers will be allowed to catch and keep unlimited numbers of fish from the Santa Fe River as the City of Santa Fe prepares to reduce the flow from city reservoirs. The Department of Game and Fish issued the official emergency salvage order,…

Fish & Boat Commission Opens Opossum Lake To All Fishing

Harrisburg, PA – Memorial Day weekend will provide a great opportunity for anglers fishing Cumberland County’s Opossum Lake. Starting Saturday, May 24, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) will temporarily suspend all seasons, sizes and creel limits at the popular lake. “We’re taking this action in preparation for a…