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Wildlife Commission Deploys Fish Attractors in Sutton Lake, N.C.

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White Sharks: New Jersey's Misunderstood Seasonal Visitors

White Sharks: New Jersey’s Misunderstood Seasonal Visitors

At the start of summer 2015, beach goers along the East Coast were once again reminded of the untamed nature of the ocean. A series of shark attacks in North Carolina led to a media frenzy and ignited concerns for vacationers, including here in New Jersey. While it is important…

United States Will Support Proposals to Curb Unsustainable Trade on Five Shark Species, Manta Rays, FWS Director Ashe Announces

The United States will support proposals to restrict the unsustainable levels of international trade on manta rays and five shark species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), at a March conference in Bangkok, Thailand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan…

NOAA Announces Measures to Rebuild Blacknose Sharks, Manage Smooth Dogfish and End Overfishing of Shortfin Mako Sharks

NOAA’s Fisheries Service today outlined new measures to rebuild the populations of blacknose sharks, help end overfishing on shortfin mako sharks, and begin management of smooth dogfish. The public may review the Final Environmental Impact Statement on the measures, which are expected to go into effect this June “The new…